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Intertek can help you to focus on your core business, increasing your agility by lowering your product development costs, accelerating your time to market, helping you to export to new international markets or to respond to meet the challenges of new legislation with expert services at far lower cost than the ‘in house’ option.

Intertek in the UK and Ireland is the trusted provider of quality and safety services for many of the world’s leading brands and companies. With more than 1,500 expert staff working in over 50 locations throughout the UK and Ireland, we provide responsive and local coverage. More information about Intertek’s global presence and be found in the About Us section.

What We Do

Much more than Testing, Inspection and Certification; most of our clients see us as their problem solving and business improvement partner, helping to deliver their competitive edge in quality and value in today’s challenging marketplace. Often our people are embedded within a client’s manufacturing or management structure working as an integral part of the problem solving team. 

We test the widest range of products imaginable and for the UK and Ireland’s manufacturing base we analyse virtually every material used in the production process, reporting with authority on its compositional integrity and grade. 

We perform due diligence testing for most of the high street and major supermarket chains, and we routinely advise manufacturers on safety hazards and current legislation to ensure compliance with national standards. In the seas around our islands, our people work on and off-shore, to ensure that oil and gas resources are extracted with minimal environmental impact and as economically and safely as possible.

Helping You Uphold Your Responsible Commitment to the Environment

Our renewable energy experts and are working with the industry to plan and erect efficient wind farms ‘right first time’ and our expert services in solar and biofuel technologies are helping to accelerate the introduction of alternative low carbon energy supplies. Our low carbon and sustainability services ensure that organizations meet their goals in carbon reduction and operate with the cleanest environmental footprint.

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