Computational Chemistry and Biology Opportunities at D. E. Shaw Research

D. E. Shaw Research

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D. E. Shaw Research 120 W. 45th St., 39th Fl.,New York,10036

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Molecular dynamics,Computational methods,Drug discovery

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30 Nov, 2017

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D. E. Shaw Research

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New York

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Pharma Research & Development Jobs

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Computational Chemistry and Biology Opportunities at D. E. Shaw Research


D. E. Shaw Research is seeking exceptional computational chemists and biologists, as well as other computational scientists with a track record of extraordinary achievement, to join our New York–based team.  This is a unique opportunity to develop and work with transformative technology in a dynamic, interdisciplinary environment.  


Relevant areas of experience might include direct application of molecular dynamics or other computational methods to drug discovery, investigation of conformational changes relevant to the function of protein kinases, ion channels, or other biomolecules, structural modeling of protein–protein complexes involved in signal transduction or other cellular processes, or study of fundamental biophysical problems, such as protein and RNA folding.  Specific knowledge of any of these areas is less critical, however, than outstanding intellectual ability, unusually strong research skills, and a history of innovation and accomplishment.  


Permanent senior scientist and postdoctoral fellowship opportunities are available. We are committed to fostering a stimulating, rewarding, and flexible work environment, and we offer above-market compensation to candidates of truly exceptional ability.


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D. E. Shaw Research is an independent research group that is pursuing an ambitious, long-term strategy aimed at fundamentally transforming the process of drug discovery.  We have developed a special-purpose supercomputer capable of executing molecular dynamics (MD) simulations orders of magnitude faster than was previously possible.  Our current projects include investigations of proteins and other biomedically relevant macromolecules as well as the development of computational chemistry methods to enable more accurate and effective MD simulations.



D. E. Shaw Research is committed to building a diverse team.  We offer an intellectually rigorous and stimulating work environment that is also supportive, flexible, and welcoming.  We do not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, pregnancy, marital status, military service eligibility, veteran status, or any other category protected by law.

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D. E. Shaw Research


D. E. Shaw Research,120 W. 45th Street, 39th Floor


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D. E. Shaw Research ("DESRES") is engaged in scientific research and technological development in the field of computational biochemistry, including The design of novel algorithms and machine architectures for high-speed molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of proteins and other biological macromolecules. In particular, we have designed and constructed a specialized supercomputer called Anton, which executes such simulations orders of magnitude faster than was previously possible, along with a number of software tools and techniques that facilitate their execution and analysis. The use of long MD simulations to study the structural changes underlying biological phenomena that occur on time scales far in excess of those previously accessible to computational study, with the ultimate aim of significantly advancing the process of drug discovery. We have been investigating, for example, the mechanisms of certain cellular receptors, transport proteins, and enzymes relevant to the understanding and potential treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

Our research team includes computational chemists and biologists, computer scientists and applied mathematicians, and computer architects and engineers, all working collaboratively under the leadership of its chief scientist, David Shaw.

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